SYNERTX specializes in building integrated physical, occupational and speech therapy programs that drive superior clinical and financial outcomes.

We believe that in today’s complicated regulatory climate, rehab is more strategic than ever.

Our core service offerings include :

  • PT, OT and SLP services coordinated to cover your fluctuating caseload needs.
  • Delivery of care up to and and including seven days a week, so you don’t lose reimbursement.
  • Best in class electronic documentation and billing software system that allows therapists to do point-of-care documentation on iPad minis
  • Rehab Coordinators effectively manage schedules and caseloads to ensure optimal reimbursement, and remote clinical experts to do chart audits, review billing, etc.
  • Accurate, timely electronic billing packages that can almost always be uploaded into your billing software.
  • Strong denial support, and indemnification if upheld.
  • Clinical programs and marketing support.
  • Flexible service options that can grow and change as your needs do, whether acute, sub-acute, outpatient, home health, etc.
  • Partnerships that are built to last a decade or longer, but contractual flexibility that allows you to partner with us only as long as it still makes sense for your organization.

Obviously there is a great deal more to explore as part of the decision to partner with us. We have different service offerings for different market segments, whether you have a small caseload in a rural setting, or a giant, urban, sub-acute program. We look forward to exploring your current situation and providing you with a customized proposal appropriate to your care setting, caseload sizes, and priorities.

Please call us at 1-888-873-4221 or email us at to start that conversation.

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